Spidean Coire nan Clach (Beinn Eighe )- FACTS & FIGURES
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   Munro No : 150
   Height : 3257ft (993m)
   Grid Reference : NG966597
   Translation:Peak of the stony corrie
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Spidean Coire nan Clach (Beinn Eighe ) ROUTES

Nearby Munros
Ruadh-stac Mor (Beinn Eighe) - (1.2 miles)
Spidean a Choire Leith (Liathach ) - (2.5 miles)
Mullach an Rathain (Liathach ) - (3.6 miles)
Beinn Liath Mhor - (4.8 miles)
Sgorr Ruadh - (5.8 miles)
Slioch - (6.2 miles)
Sgurr Mhor (Beinn Alligin) - (6.3 miles)
Tom na Gruagaich (Beinn Alligin) - (6.6 miles)
Maol Chean dearg - (6.7 miles)
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Spidean Coire nan Clach (Beinn Eighe ) - DESCRIPTION

Beinn Eighe is a superbly complicated Mountain. It is a Y shaped mountain taking in several peaks. There are 2 recognised Munro summits these being Ruadh Stac Mor to the NW and Spidean Choire nan Clach to the E. All the peaks are connected by a series of high craggy ridges. Many corries bite into the slopes of Beinn Eighe the most profound of these being Coire Mhic Fhearchair to the west. This splits the mountain giving rise to its distinctive “Y” shape. The backhead wall of this corrie is steep and a real scramble to ascend but manageable and is a common route of ascent. One of the mountain's best features “The Triple Buttress” is also within the corrie walls and is an impressive sight. This is a popular spot with climbers.

From Ruadh Stac Mor it is a long airy traverse along the main summit ridge to Spidean Choire nan Clach. The southern slopes of the ridge are covered in quartzite screes giving Beinn Eighe a rather unique grey colour especially for the Torridon hills. The northern side of the ridge is littered with corries giving a much more craggy face.

Beinn Eighe is a fantastic hill with features in abundance. This is arguably one of Scotland’s most impressive mountains and offers something for everyone.

Spidean Coire nan Clach (Beinn Eighe ) SURROUNDING MAP    (Pop Out)
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Spidean Coire nan Clach (Beinn Eighe ) - AREA MAP
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